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In 1895, an underground economic powerhouse of the early 20th century emerged. With an innate talent for logistics, smuggling, and tough negotiations, The Chicago Spirit became infamous around the country not only for their signature hooch blends, punches and cocktails, but for their uncommon abilities that eclipsed the skills of your average bootlegger.

The Spirit (as they are also known) ran Chicago’s black-market underbelly with a tight grip, quenching the public’s thirst by delivering the best-smuggled booze, entertainment, and fine vittles to secret speakeasies during 1920s prohibition.

They were so good at what they did that it was rumored they were abnormal. They conducted their “business” in a manner that can only be described as supernatural.

Their anomalous capabilities would not serve their rival bootleggers well, as countless double-crossers either fell prey to spontaneous combustion or were tormented by evil spirits and hallucinations.

Although neurosyphilis was given as the official reason for Al Capone’s mental decline, whispers still swirl that The Spirit sealed him in prison, incarcerating him with devils of the mind.

Since its inception in 1908, the FBI has been hot on the trail of The Spirit -- gathering intel on its mysterious, elusive members who are experts at operating in the shadows. Countless directors have made it their mission to bring down The Spirit before they retire. So far, the agency has not succeeded. 

In a recent declassification of top-secret documents, previously confidential FBI files on associated members, suspected victims, and unsolved crimes of The Chicago Spirit have been released to the public.  


As history repeats itself, and another virus upends ordinary life, a new iteration of prohibition is instated.

It is rumored that The Chicago Spirit is planning a resurgence, quietly operating, importing, and distributing the finest goods to clandestine speakeasies around the city.

Catch them if you can.