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Founded in 1895 and led by one R.D. Chapelle, The infamous Chicago Spirit was an underground clandestine crime syndicate and the mysterious force behind the bootlegging and booze smuggling operations of Chicago’s black market underbelly throughout the Prohibition-era 1920s.

Not your typical sly-talking wise-guys or tommy-gun toting mobsters, these unusual suspects possessed uncommon abilities. 

Possessing an understanding of esoteric knowledge, the ghostly syndicate bent time, space, and matter for the sake of providing the in-crowds of secret watering holes and speakeasies the finest booze, seductive entertainment and the most delectable vittles imaginable.


The Chicago Spirit was adept in their ability to hide in plain sight. They operated right under the noses of law enforcement and rival gangs, almost as if invisible. 

Truly untouchables, they were everyone and no one at the same time: evading law enforcement, pulling the strings of marionette politicians, crowning boardwalks emperors, and keeping local and national gangs in check for well over 40 years.

As history repeats itself, and another virus upends ordinary life, a new iteration of prohibition is instated. The Chicago Spirit is needed more than ever.

A resurgence is rumored: the Spirit quietly operating, importing and distributing the finest goods to clandestine speakeasies around the city.

Catch them if you can.